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Are you ready to stop the cycles in your business and/or career that aren't increasing your growth?

Success Strategist

Monique Davis

"Life fulfilled is Life done Intentionally."

As a Recruiter, Career Coach, and Entrepreneur I truly thought that those titles had periods behind them and were as far as I was going in my business life. But then I began to realize through clients, friends, and family that I was giving others more than just resume makeovers and interview coaching.

My purpose & reason for being created has always spilled over into my coaching sessions. Sometimes, the conversations would began with Career Coaching BUT end with creating an exit strategy for my client to leave Corporate America and enter Entrepreneurship .


Therefore, I would transform into business consultant mode and start defining customers, creating strategies and planning everything involved with acquiring customers and building their brand with growth strategies.

Adding Business Coach to my resume is simply a no brainer. It's apart of my DNA. I enjoy coaching professionals become thought leaders, sought after experts, with successful careers but I am also passionate about helping businesses become established, branded, and positioned to attain success on a budget!


More now than ever, I know that I was created to help those who want to impact more lives, whether it's their own business or their own career and  SUCCEED Intentionally while doing so.

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Tune in

The "Succeed Intentionally with

Monique Davis"

podcast is


Real journey.

Real help.

Real tools. 

Real transformation.


Listen in as I share business & career success stemming from being intentional in 7 key areas of your life. God is intentional. He created us intentionally.. in His image on purpose.. not by accident. Subsequently, as his children that is what He expects us to do with our lives, BE Intentional.

Everything that we do, Faith, Family, Careers, Business, or Ministry has to be done with PURPOSE.