Corporate Training & Leadership Workshops


Recruiting & Sourcing training includes: 

  • Candidate identification 

  • Social media sourcing

  • Advanced Boolean Search string 

  • Xray Sourcing 

  • Talent mapping

  • Reverse engineering sourcing 

  • Finding contact info 

  • Sourcing Sites outside of LinkedIn 

  • Infusing digital marketing & technology


Individual Recruiting Sourcing & Training 10 session Certificate - $600 Click for more info


Individual a La Carte Recruiting sourcing & training session per class - $100 









Corporate Training -Recruiter Sourcing Workshop - $3000

(Booklet not included) (1-5 person team)











Corporate Training - Recruiter Sourcing Workshop - $5000

(Booklet & 1 months follow up included) (5-10 person team)



Leadership development & training includes: 

  • How to create a dynamic team based around personalities

  • Diffusing a hostile working environment

  • Communication versus delegation 

  • Engaging your millennial workforce

  • How to be a Servant Leader

  • Negotiating your next promotion 

  • Tough Conversations

  • Leadership styles


Corporate Leadership Workshop - $Contact for pricing

(Booklet & 2 months follow up included)

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Non Profit Workshops

  • Church/Non Profit Social Media Marketing 

  • Developing your administration team

  • How to Gain More Members

NonProfit workshops are discounted - please call/text for rates 678-561-7707