5 things to prepare you to birth your blessing!

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

As I was wrapping up my last meeting and giving my hubby a download of my day, I realized that the end of September is almost here and as I have been mentioning all throughout social media, a lot of you are getting ready to “deliver” that bundle of blessings that you’ve been carrying & nurturing long enough.

So I felt the need to give you some tips on getting prepared for this #push

1.) Let it Go - get your mental prepared because what you are about to birth won’t alllow time for grudges, petty conversations, and distractions. If that means screening calls, saying I’m sorry, and forgiving EVERYTHING then so be it just let it go!

2. Prayer a Day keeps the mess away -Pray over everything and anyone thats connected to your blessing, protect your destiny by giving it back to God so it can be used for good!

3. Study buddy! -Research, study and educate yourself on everything that will make your “baby” aka blessing THRIVE, study to show yourself approved & ready for the elevation.

4. Call your Midwife! During pregnancy there was a midwife assigned to you to give you tips tricks and guidance on how to successfully carry, but now it’s time to lean on your midwife more than usual for support because it’s time to #PUSH

5. Sacrifice - Your sleeping patterns, your time, your selfish desires are about to change for your good be ready to sacrifice ❤️🙏🏽

Happy Delivery! It’s PUSHING TIME! Any other tips feel free to write them below!

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