Did Facebook Snitch on Zoom??

You may have wondered why it’s been hard to integrate Zoom with Facebook lately.... well here’s our theory why:

Facebook Messenger recently launched a new desktop app that allows you to video chat on a bigger screen. Almost IDENTICAL TO Zoom.

Facebook said that they have “seen” (sounds like more monitoring to me) more than a 100% increase in people using their desktop browser for audio and video calling through Messenger.

This is very interesting because people have been on Zoom by the buckets. However (comma) this comes at a time where a lot of users aren’t trusting zoom because of their recent lawsuit in California for allegedly giving users' personal info to outside companies including Facebook without letting the customers know.

According to the lawsuit, Zoom's software basically is said to have told Facebook whenever a Zoom user logged on for a video conference call. After the user logged on, Zoom gave Facebook the customer’s personal data, including their device, device's model & the device's unique advertising identifier.

Some would say Facebook is capitalizing on Zoom’s loss and maybe had something to do with the “snitching” In order to remove Zoom from the race. Personally, I don’t think it’s possible to remove Zoom completely but damage their rep ... maybe..

Hmm but if you think on it, this is scary.... Seems like these corporations are more gangsta than the thugs in the streets. Now why aren’t we hiding our wallets and purses from them??? 🤔

I guess we will find out what happens to zoom soon enough. They are innocent Until sentenced with 1 day of probation for white collar stealing, while some others that steal from grocery stores trying to feed their family are sentenced for 10 years or more...

I think its time we identify some runner ups.. Like REMO https://remo.co/?fpr=mo62 (sign up with my link and get a free trial, full conference experience with actual breakout tables, vendor tables etc)

That’s my report on what’s happening out here in these virtual streets...

What’s new with you?

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