Entrepreneur Life with 9-5 mindset

ARRRRGH! Ok not the best way to start this blog, but I figure why not really express how I felt at one time during my entrepreneur journey. I left Corporate America in 2018 and really thought I was prepared. I mean I had been working both my coaching business and my 9–5 simultaneously pretty successfully for the longest. So I truly created an “exit strategy” that was supposed to get me positioned to WIN in my full time entrepreneurial lifestyle.

For example, my husband and I had thousands of dollars saved to carry us, created household schedules to keep the balance of family, and networked like crazy with coworkers, colleagues, and external vendors to keep relationships going. Here’s the thing, none of those things prepared my mindset that I was actually no longer getting a paycheck in two weeks. Believe it or not, I would catch myself miss a meeting that I failed to add to my own calendar and think, “Oh! I can just call them back and reschedule”. WRONG! In the Entrepreneurial world, you can’t just reschedule a meeting as you might in the 9–5 race. By the time you miss the call, the potential client is already on the phone with plan b, c or d! You just missed out on money, which means you missed out on sustaining your life, family, business, bills, etc. Ladies and gentlemen, that is what’s called a Success Mindset vs. 9–5 mindset.

I was spoiled in Corporate America! (I can admit that) I was able to delay projects to juggle other deadlines, receive feedback on my performance, and as an individual contributor, would concentrate on making sure I gave 100% for my team. Some would say, “Why in the WORLD would you even think about owning your own business?”, and I say Why Not!? I know I was created to make an extreme impact on the world and especially within my community. However, in the beginning of transition out, my mindset was still stuck in 9–5 mode.

I can remember, being introduced to other business owners and not feeling worthy to call myself CEO. Even on my business cards I wouldn’t mention it because I thought that would be just “too extra” to do so. That’s what I had to change first, embracing my title and what that meant. Being a CEO wasn’t just a nice title, in the entrepreneur world it meant that I did everything. I was business development, customer experience, operations, and marketing. I had no room for procrastination, or waiting for someone to tell me, “great job”. I simply needed to have grit, accountability, and balance.

Transitioning was hard. But I did a couple of things that shifted me from 9–5 mindset. First, strategizing my week on Sundays. This was made possible by appointment setting, content scheduling, and social media calendar. In addition to this, I had to change my freaking business card! I am a business owner, and I had to make sure that I presented myself as such. Last, I asked for accountability partners within my network. I targeted individuals that were hustling and bustling in the small biz world as well and formed community if you will for collaborations and overall encouragement.

Ultimately, it took time to really change my 9–5 mind to an Entrepreneur Success Mindset! Once this happened, my business increased and I never felt so purposeful in my life. If you are looking to become an entrepreneur, JUST DO IT… But remember to change your thinking, it will change your life.

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