I was weak

Do you like superheros? I am OBSESSED with female superheros, Superwoman, Supergirl, Storm, Wonderwoman, Xena, The Invisible woman, Elektra, the list can go on and on....

I've always thought of myself as somewhat of a superhero. I could juggle being wife, mom, sister, friend, daughter, business owner, youth minister, community activist all while still looking powerful and not weak. Defeating the thoughts of what others think of me through positive actions and power moves in my own business.

Of course you are aware by now that I left my job and decided to go full force Career Coach and Staffing Agency owner. I've always wanted to have my own Recruiting and Career Development Center and how in the world could I say I am a super woman without fully using my super human ability to overcome FEAR and JUST DO IT.

Just doing it was exciting...and empowering! I felt like I was soaring on cloud 9, making connections, sending out agreements to new clients, and hustling! But last week was rough, I had submitted rock stars to my clients and I got the responses, "Great candidate but we are going with an internal resource." (btw we hate this response in the recruiter world) and then another client says, "Oh if I would have received your person sooner!" So I had a moment. I literally said to God, "Ok, I am seriously trusting that you told me to leave my job and pursue this business.What's going on? I am waiting on you!"

Now here's the weak moment: I had resources all around me but I wouldn't utilize them because I didn't "TRUST" that they would handle my clients and my business the way that I could. I tried to delegate work but then I would end up doing my job and theirs because I just couldn't trust! And after awhile I got inundated with busy work that was not helping me with the real work I needed to be done in order to make submissions faster and meet with my clients. My distrust in others was making my business fall short and making me unproductive.

Then I realized something, there were people in place that God sent me. So really I wasn't waiting on HIM, he was waiting on ME! I was being defeated in my own business because I thought I could be a one woman show. You ever watch the superhero go and attempt to battle the evil villain on her own and then the evil villain realizes she's alone and pulls out a secret weapon? That's what was happening to me... DISTRUST had turned into a weapon against me. Typically at that part of the movie the superhero gets nurtured back to health by her what? TEAM!! Yes, and then they collectively get a strategy in place to overcome this weapon.

Immediately, I decided to accept the help of others that genuinely wanted to see me succeed. My business started to thrive again and now I have more time to get more clients. I'm defeating those mundane tasks that consume a majority of my time by delegating them through a team that I am training and building TRUST in.

I can see the success coming and I feel more accomplished daily! Let me just show you how my God works. Today I get a text message out of the blue from someone whom I admire and adore. She tells me that I remind her of one of her culture's superheros, La Borinquena! It was so on time that I had to share with you how in my weakness I discovered strength! She didn't know but her text was not only encouraging but also confirmation that I am on the right path.

Hope this helps you be a SuperHero in your career and/or business! Remember: Team Work makes the Dream Work!

In Love, Mo Davis

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