The Power of Rejection in Business

The power of rejection can save your business. As a Success Coach that creates customer acquisition strategies for small businesses and brands, I've experienced alot of success and whole lotta rejection. Rejection can literally make you feel like a failure, like you aren't really supposed to be an entrepreneur. You may even start to think that perhaps, you aren't the expert in the space that you thought you were an expert in.

You wanna know my thoughts? I truly believe that rejection is the best customer acquisition and retention strategy that there is... There is so much you can learn from it. It's all in the listening. The first thing a great business owner does when creating their customer acquisition strategy, is figuring out who in the world is their customer in the first place. Afterwards, you create all of these inbound and outbound marketing activities to gain more emails, posts and followers in hopes of getting the attention of those that are interested in what you are selling.

Next, while sending out emails you get some traction... But you may even start to receive negative feedback. For example, I'm a business owner but I am also a woman of faith. I don't push my beliefs on individuals, however I do make mention of God or having faith in Him in a few of my newsletter emails.

Some respond with, "That's totally unprofessional to include religion in business." and I get an unsubscribe or an unfollow on social media from them. At that moment, I get excited! You know why? I'll tell you. The customer that doesn't belong to me, that's not called to me, will filter themselves out. Prospects that reject your service or product are not your customers!

Your customer is a person that is attracted by your influence, your brand story, and NEEDS your product or service. Your customer is also a person who accepts you just as you are. So, the next time you get a customer that hits that unsubscribe button or rejects what you are offering, I want you to celebrate! That's one less person in the way of those that are actually meant to be your customer!

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