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Nothing happens on accident!

You must be intentional even in prayer over your business and career.

Prayer has changed the trajectory of my business and career, my desire is for it to be your biggest tool!

Success Coach

Monique Davis

Pray Intentionally

Prayer is not anything like creating a wish list for birthdays or Christmas.

Prayer is understanding who God is, recognizing Him, and seeking out His direction while you are here on earth.

The blessings are the bonuses for being His adopted children!

I believe that your career and your business are also your ministry. If God is intentional, Don't you believe He desires YOU to be intentional in every area of your life including your business and career?


Well, I do.

Join me on Instagram or Facebook for Our "How to Make Mondays Great Again" Prayer Series Live.

Praying & Preaching

God is calling you to be more strategic in your prayer over your business and your career! Join us as we succeed intentionally through the power of prayer.

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